How to Publish Post via OpenOffice Writer


In one of the former “Howto”, I have demonstrated the way to publish a post on WordPress based blog via Microsoft Word. OpenOffice, on the other hand, has similar function. And I want to demonstrate it here, since my following webmaster is a heavy user of OpenOffice.


Setup OpenOffice

The Sun Weblog Publisher extension should be downloaded. And the file should be installed. First, choosing the Extension Manager in the Tool menu

and add the downloaded file.

After adding the file, you will found Sun Weblog Publisher appears in the extension manager

And in the Option dialog in the Tool menu, there will be an extra option.

In the Internet group, you will find a Weblog option, choose the option and try to add your blog in.

The Type of the weblog should be Movable Type (xml-rpc)

The “Blog Post URL” for current BUYCC site should be the your website URL (For BUYCC, it is plus “xmlrpc.php

And the User Name and Password will be your BUYCC website username and password.

You should restart your OpenOffice Writer and then your OpenOffice is good to publish on the WordPress website.

Publish a Post

When you finish writing your post in OpenOffice, you can find To Weblog option in the Send submenu of the File menu and this is where you publish the post.

Click on Send to Weblog will give you a dialog box like this:

You can fill in the Title and Category and click on OK to publish. Pretty simple. Isn’t it?

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